About us

We are your trusted and independent advisors

Our approach is delivery and not sales oriented.  Our team understands the  challenges of modern businesses and addresses them using the latest processes, framework and technologies.  Problems are individually assessed and requirements are met using innovative, cost-effective and sustaintainable solutions.

By tailoring our deliverables leveraging best practice and an extensive knowledge base we support our clients to achieve their goals on time and on budget.

Our deliverables range from large, long-term and multi-million programmes to small, short-term engagements.  Depending on your requirement we provide full time resources, fixed price deliverables or ongoing consulting advice to our clients.

We can offer you:

 Full Time Resources

 Fixed Price Deliverables

 Ongoing Consulting Advice

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Our Values

Our team, our expertise and our culture are the key to our success.  we live our values every day.  We “walk the walk” and not only “talk the talk”.

  • Sustainability
  • Transparency
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Respect


Christian Wolf (Founder & CEO)

Christian is a highly skilled ICT professional with over 20 years of proven, international experience, having worked in Europe and Australia.  As a committed Technology Architect he translates the latest technology and processes into business advantages.  Christian’s core competencies includes:

  • In-depth knowledge in ICT strategy, infrastructure and solution design
  • Strong organisational, leadership, negotiating and estimation skills
  • Strong financial acumen and proficiency in controlling risks, budgets and timeframes
  • Ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders, peers and vendors